What Is The Process For Parking Lot Striping in Washoe County?

What Is The Process For Parking Lot Striping in Washoe County?

What Is The Process For Parking Lot Striping in Washoe County?What Is The Process For Parking Lot Striping in Washoe County?

Parking lot striping plays a massive role in keeping your property safe, functional and accessible. Whether you’re striping a brand-new lot for the first time or revamping the layout of your existing one, the process is more complex than most realize. Lot striping in Washoe County is a multi-step procedure that requires ample preparation and planning. Here’s what you need to know.

How Do Contractors Plan for Lot Striping in Washoe County?

The first step in Washoe parking lot striping is layout design. You must plot your pavement, turning an empty, expansive paved surface into a well-designed parking lot that makes sense! There are many ways to asphalt striping layouts. However, it’s always best to hire a professional.

Reno parking lot striping companies understand the complexities of creating a safe and highly efficient lot. They can help you develop a design that optimizes traffic flow while using as much available parking space as possible. There are many decisions to make, including how you want to angle your spaces, how big you want each spot to be, etc. There are also code regulations and ADA-compliant accessible spots to consider.

Contractors performing lot striping in Reno and beyond will take the time to get things right, ensuring the layout is perfect for your business needs.

What Type of Preparation Does Reno Parking Lot Striping Require?

Once you complete the layout portion of your parking lot striping service, teams can move on to site prep. The exact processes involved with pavement preparation vary. The goal is to have a smooth, clean, dry surface to ensure the paint can bond properly.

If necessary, teams may begin by performing repairs or asphalt sealcoating. They’ll also remove debris, power-wash the surface to remove stains and pre-treat any area stained by vehicle fluids.

Before your parking lot striping service day, contractors recommend shutting off sprinklers to ensure the pavement is dry. On the day of application, teams will do a final inspection, complete any final preparation tasks and block off the area to ensure drivers don’t interfere with the asphalt striping process.

Does Lot Striping in Washoe County Require Precise Measurements?

Precision is crucial for Washoe parking lot striping. Not only do precise measurements ensure contractors can accurately bring the design to life, but they also ensure consistency, better aesthetics and code compliance! Regulations vary, but the standard parking space must be 18 feet long by nine feet wide.

Improper measurements could cause compliance issues and make your lot more dangerous to navigate. Fortunately, contractors specializing in parking lot striping are meticulous about getting accurate measurements. Some contractors will do things the old-fashioned way, using measuring tapes, chalk lines and protractors to get things right. Others use laser-guided equipment.

Either way, the measuring aspect of the application process is often the most time-consuming. However, it’s necessary to get top-quality lot striping in Reno.

How Do Contractors Apply Asphalt Striping?

There are many ways to do parking lot striping, and the exact processes teams use will depend on the type of paint utilized. Traditional solvent- or water-based paints are great for lot striping in Reno. These formulas are easy to apply with specialty push-style machines.

If you’re investing in long-lasting paint formulas like MMA or thermoplastic, contractors may need to mix components as they work or use specialty heaters. Whatever the case, contractors work methodically to complete your parking lot striping. It’s common for projects to require multiple coats of paint. In those instances, teams will allow the first layer of Reno parking lot striping to dry before applying subsequent layers.

After completing the entire parking lot, contractors will allow your fresh stripes to cure before opening the pavement for use.

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