Parking Lot Layout

Parking Lot Layout Design Nevada

No matter what service you provide, your parking lot plays an important role in your success. Whether your parking lot in Reno serves diners, employees only, shoppers, patients, tenants, clients, or overnight guests, there are certain qualities it must have. It must offer convenience, safety, and aesthetic appeal while simultaneously complying with legal regulations. There are several factors that are important to meeting those goals, but everything begins with a great parking lot layout.

What Is a Parking Lot Layout?

A parking lot layout is essentially a design plan that represents how your lot will look and function. Here are some of the questions that your layout will address.

  1. How many parking spaces can fit within the confines of your parking lot?
  2. How many handicapped spaces are you legally required to provide?
  3. What parking angle will work best for your needs?
  4. Will the travel lanes allow two-way traffic, or will some lanes be one-way travel aisles?
  5. Are there pressure points that might be prone to congestion?
  6. How will you handle intersecting travel lanes?
  7. Where will you place crosswalks, curb ramps, or speed bumps?
  8. Do you need to offer appropriately sized parking spaces for motorcycles, buses or other extremely long vehicles, or compact cars?
  9. What are your plans for landscaping islands, lighting, or fencing?
parking lot design Nevada

When Creating a Parking Lot Layout, Do Certain Features Impact Other Choices?

Yes, many of the choices you make will affect other features. This is why you need an experienced professional to create a safe, efficient, attractive design.

  1. The parking angle you choose plays an important part in determining the maximum number of vehicles that can park in your lot. It also impacts the minimum width of the travel aisles. For example, if you choose head-in parking spaces, you can typically provide more spaces, but the travel aisles will need to be wide enough to offer an adequate turning radius.
  2. Every landscaping island reduces your total square footage, thus reducing the total parking spaces you can provide. The same is true if you need numerous shopping cart corrals. Even light poles can have a small impact on your total available spaces.
  3. Some businesses have many visitors who ride motorcycles, drive subcompact cars, or ride bicycles. If this is true for your business, you can sometimes gain a few more spaces by increasing the number of parking spaces that are appropriately sized.
  4. The pavement abutting perimeter fences or walls is often considered unsuitable for parking spaces. However, in many cases, you can provide parallel parking along these structures. Another option would be to allow buses, vehicles with trailers, or other long vehicles to park there.
  5. Your layout should also assess the way that most drivers will navigate your parking lot. It is common for drivers to want to park as close as possible to your entrance; they may also want to unload passengers there before parking their vehicles. Careful attention to the direction of traffic aisles, the placement of stop signs, and the location of speed bumps are just a few things to consider.

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