How Long Does It Take For Parking Lot Striping Paint To Dry?

How Long Does It Take For Parking Lot Striping Paint To Dry?

How Long Does It Take For Parking Lot Striping Paint To Dry?How Long Does It Take For Parking Lot Striping Paint To Dry?

Parking lot striping is vital in keeping your property safe and orderly. Most experts recommend refreshing parking lot striping paint every 18 to 24 months, depending on several factors. But just how long does it take for that paint to dry?

Does the Type of Parking Lot Striping Paint Used Affect Drying Time?

Several types of paint are available for Reno parking lot striping. Some of the most common are water- and solvent-based paints. They’re typically the most affordable, lowering total parking lot striping costs.

However, they often take the longest to dry. On average, you can expect standard parking lot striping paint formulas to feel dry in about 30 minutes. Even still, most contractors will keep the area blocked off to prevent traffic flow for a full hour.

Alternatives to standard paint formulas include thermoplastic paint and methyl methacrylate (MMA) paint. The former uses dry powder and heat to bond to asphalt, while the latter is a two-component product with strong resins.

These alternatives come at a higher price, increasing total parking lot striping costs. But they offer better durability and high visibility. Furthermore, they take as little as five minutes to dry!

Do Lot Striping Companies Account for Weather?

Another thing to consider when planning lot striping services is the weather. Weather conditions can and will impact drying times. If using standard paint formulas, precipitation can wash away paint, preventing it from drying altogether.

Even drizzles and high humidity can slow evaporation, extending drying time by several hours. For those reasons, reputable parking lot striping companies will look at the weather forecast before starting a project to ensure ideal drying conditions.

Should Contractors Apply Multiple Coats of Striping Paint?

In most cases, Reno lot striping requires multiple coats. However, some parking lot striping companies may attempt to complete the job with a single coat. That approach often leaves less-than-stellar results.

The best method for lot striping is to apply two or more light coats, allowing each to dry before the next application. While that might increase the time it takes to complete a project, it’s the ticket to vibrant lot striping.

There are some exceptions. For example, MMA paint usually only needs a single coat. So, while the pricier paint formula will increase total parking lot striping cost, it can minimize downtime while ensuring optimal vibrancy.

What Else Can Affect How Lot Striping Projects Take?

Weather conditions, the parking lot striping paint formula used and the number of coats applied are the three biggest factors affecting drying time. However, whether or not you get sealcoating can also affect it.

Fresh sealcoating often results in slower drying time for Reno parking lot striping paint. Furthermore, contractors must apply at least two coats to maximize visibility. It’s important to keep that in mind when simultaneously scheduling sealcoating and lot striping services.

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