Five Crucial Steps for Parking Lot Striping Preparation

Five Crucial Steps for Parking Lot Striping Preparation

Five Crucial Steps for Parking Lot Striping PreparationThe markings and stripes painted on your parking lot pavement contribute to a safer, more attractive environment. They are integral elements in achieving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but they also help you attract and retain clientele. Unfortunately, parking lot paint does not last forever, especially when it is subjected to the harshness of summer weather in Reno. If you are planning a parking lot striping project, there are five things you should do to ensure successful results.

What Are the Five Things I Should Do Before My Parking Lot Striping Project?

When it comes to projects of all types, the key to success is proper planning. Reno parking lot striping projects are no different, so plan on performing the following five steps.

1. Clean your pavement.
2. Make any necessary repairs.
3. Assess your parking lot striping layout.
4. Arrange an alternative parking location.
5. Turn off your sprinkler system.

Why Is Cleaning My Pavement First on the List for Preparing for Parking Lot Striping?

Although it is true that Reno parking lot striping companies routinely clean pavements before they begin applying lines and markings, you need to see your pavement for yourself. Piles of debris make it difficult or impossible to locate cracks or other damage that you will need to address. Your pavement can never be too clean for paint to adhere, but it can be too contaminated. Thus, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by cleaning your pavement early in the process.

Why Are Pavement Repairs Needed Before Striping and Marking My Parking Lot?

Trustworthy local lot striping and sealcoating companies know the futility of applying liquids over cracks and other pavement breaks. At best, your painted markings and lines will be unsightly and uneven. Although many Reno parking lot striping contractors offer crack repairs, you might want to ask your contractor about performing any necessary repairs a few days prior to the actual striping operation. This can help you reduce the consecutive hours you will need to close your parking lot by spreading the time over more than one day.

Why Should I Assess My Parking Lot Striping Layout?

Your parking lot striping layout is a vital part of ensuring your compliance with all applicable laws and codes. It is also a critical part of optimizing your available parking spaces as well as enhancing safety within your parking lot. Regulations change periodically, and you do not want to incur a fine for your unintentional lack of compliance. However, your needs can also change over time, and a periodic assessment of your layout can help you identify ways to make your lot striping reflect your current goals.

Why Is It Important to Arrange for an Alternative Location While My Contractor Applies My Reno Parking Lot Striping?

Whether you are involved in the healthcare, hospitality, retail, entertainment, or manufacturing industry, your employees need to know where to park while your Reno parking lot striping company is working on your project. Your tenants, customers, guests, and patients also need guidance on a safe location to leave their cars. Identify an alternative parking location, then order signs to direct visitors to it.

Why Should I Disable My Sprinkler System When Preparing for My Lot Striping in Reno?

Your pavement needs to be completely dry before your contractor applies your lot striping paint. Usually, 12 hours is long enough for any water left by your sprinkler system to evaporate. However, during cool weather, you should probably double that time.

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