Parking Lot Maintenance

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Parking lots have become so commonplace that it is easy to overlook their importance. Guests checking into a hotel, customers intent on shopping, tenants renting an apartment, and diners wanting to enjoy a meal away from home all want a safe, attractive place to park their cars. This is also true for patients visiting a healthcare provider, government agencies serving the public, and students attending postsecondary educational facilities. However, you need to establish a proactive plan to provide effective parking lot maintenance to make the area safe, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.

What Is Considered Parking Lot Maintenance?

Although not defined in universal, specific terms, most contractors use a broad brush to categorize parking lot maintenance as a collection of procedures to preserve the health, appearance, and safety of the lot. Asphalt paving, including resurfacing and patching, concrete paving, foundation repairs, and similar major procedures are typically not included in the parking lot maintenance category.

asphalt parking lot maintenance Nevada

What Specific Procedures Are Part of a Parking Lot Maintenance Plan?

There are several procedures that might be considered parking lot maintenance. The precise procedures will depend on factors that may be unique to your parking lot. These include the age of your parking lot, its use, its specific features, and its previous care. However, there are certain procedures that are recommended for virtually every parking lot.

  1. Crack repairs are essential to prevent water penetration. If water infiltrates beneath the surface of the pavement, it can erode the base layers that form the foundation, robbing the pavement of the support it needs. When a crack develops, you want to repair it as quickly as you can, but you should never leave a significant crack unrepaired for more than six months.
  2. Asphalt sealcoating is truly a multipurpose treatment. Sealcoating prevents damage to asphalt pavements from UV rays, helps prevent damage from automotive fluids, and protects against color loss. It also restores the color to pavements that have been faded by the sun, enhances traction to improve safety, and hides surface blemishes. Most parking lots in Reno need a fresh sealcoating application about every two years.
  3. Parking lot striping helps you comply with the laws pertaining to accessibility, enhances the aesthetics of your parking lot, and boosts safety by reducing confusion. Combined with a great parking lot layout, striping and marking can also help you provide the maximum number of spaces that you can offer. Most of the time, you can redo your stripes and markings immediately after sealcoating. However, you should not wait that long if the paint begins to blister, peel, or flake.
  4. A clean, well-drained pavement is less susceptible to damage. Clean up vehicle fluids that have dripped onto your pavement, schedule regular sweepings, and keep gutters, drains, and grates clear of clogs. Your cleaning schedule will depend on your particular lot.
  5. Another procedure you might want to consider is a regular inspection of your signage, wheel stops, and curbs. Repair or replace any damaged items. It is a good idea to conduct a thorough evaluation of these features at least every six months.

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