Before DIY Parking Lot Striping in Reno, Consider This

Before DIY Parking Lot Striping in Reno, Consider This

Before DIY Parking Lot Striping in Reno, Consider ThisSome people are enthusiastic about all types of do-it-yourself projects. They find it rewarding to accomplish tasks themselves, even if the job takes longer or costs more than hiring someone else to complete it. Other individuals are financially motivated to handle their own projects, especially those that they believe require few special skills. If you are considering doing your own parking lot striping in Reno, you should perform an honest evaluation of your skills, personality, knowledge, and finances.

What Skills Are Needed for DIY Parking Lot Striping in Reno?

Parking lot line striping is more complicated than many casual observers believe. The parking lot layout needs to be evaluated to determine whether it is still optimal and legally compliant. Then, you will need to make sure the pavement is clean so that the paint will adhere. If there are cracks or other damage, you should make repairs instead of painting over them. Next, you will need to accurately measure each individual parking space to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements and are consistent in size. If you are using a brush or roller to apply your line striping manually, you will need to pop a chalk line for guidance in getting straight lines with clean edges. Finally, you can begin applying your Reno parking lot striping. You will need to pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure clean, crisp lines. If you slip, you will need to remove the wayward paint immediately.

Why Does My Personality Matter for Doing My Own Parking Lot Striping in Reno?

When it comes to parking lot striping, patience is indeed a virtue. People with impatient natures sometimes try to rush through tasks so that they can move on to something else. The something else could be an evening out, a work-related chore, or simply getting out of the sun. Rushing through a striping job can leave you with thick coats of paint that do not dry properly, messy lines, or skipped spaces. If you are not willing to do the job right, see it through to the end, and focus your full attention on what you are doing, you might not want to tackle your own line striping.

What Knowledge Is Needed for DIY Parking Lot Striping in Reno?

It is important to note that knowledge and skill are not identical terms. The skills needed for Reno parking lot striping include your manual dexterity as well as your physical ability to perform the necessary work. Your knowledge of parking lot line striping involves other issues. For example, do you know how to create a parking lot layout design that will minimize congested areas? How familiar are you with your legal requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding the size, location, and marking of accessible spaces? Do you know the right pavement markings for your parking lot and where to place them? If you are willing to do enough research, much of this information can be found online. However, a parking lot striping company already knows these things as well as many other details.

Why Should I Consider My Finances Before Doing My Own Parking Lot Striping in Reno?

Basically, doing your own parking lot striping in Reno can often end up costing you more than hiring a professional.

1. If you just need to paint a line or two, doing it yourself may be a good option. However, to do an entire parking lot, you really need a line striping machine. You can buy one, but even a low-end machine will set you back several thousand dollars. You may be able to rent one for $100 dollars or so per day, but that is if you can find an equipment rental company with one available. If you rent a machine, you cannot be certain that it has been sufficiently maintained to work properly and not break down in the middle of your job. A trustworthy parking lot striping company will have invested in high-quality equipment that receives proper maintenance.
2. The paint is another expense you should consider. There are several types available, and choosing the right one for your specific parking lot can be a challenge. Furthermore, you need to know how much to buy so that you are not left with a surplus or run out before you complete your job.
3. Stencils are yet another cost you may not have considered. Not even an experienced Reno parking lot striping contractor will attempt to paint traffic arrows, the mandatory symbol to identify accessible spaces, and other pavement markings freehand.
4. Lastly, you should consider the potential ramifications if your parking lot striping layout and your execution of the design are not legally compliant. Compliance with the ADA can be challenging, but you might not realize that you could be fined for seemingly trivial mistakes, including making the symbol in accessible spaces the wrong size. However, you may also be required to comply with local fire codes or building codes.

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