Why Hire A Professional For Parking Lot Striping in Reno, NV?


WHY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL FOR PARKING LOT STRIPING IN RENO NVHaving a can-do attitude is likely what got you where you are today. Being ready to initiate projects and even get your hands dirty are great traits for business owners, but being too independent can land you in some hot water with certain maintenance tasks. When it comes to parking lot striping in Reno NV, there is more to doing the job right than you might see on the surface. Hiring a professional crew to handle your striping project offers these benefits for your business.

What Is the Biggest Benefit of Professional Parking Lot Striping in Reno NV?

Reno NV parking lot striping is exposed to heavy sunlight and traffic that can wear down the stripes fast, if they aren’t done right. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional parking lot striping company is that they’ll be familiar with and have access to materials that are made to stand up to the harsh environment. Using the right materials can help the striping to last months or even years longer than what you’ll see with DIY paint jobs.

Can You Change the Layout During Parking Lot Striping In Reno NV?

Over the years, your business might have grown to the point that you’re seeing some overcrowding. Or, you may know that you need more ADA compliant spaces or bigger loading zones on the exterior of your property. When you reach out to Reno parking lot striping contractors, you’ll know they are true professionals when they can assist with creating a new parking lot design.

Will Parking Lot Striping Improve Safety In My Parking Lot?

Lot striping contractors look for safety issues when they perform assessments for their services. Even if you don’t see that the lot is overcrowded, they might find spacing issues with the aisles. They could also identify areas where using special colors or creating a crosswalk could improve safety problems. Having a safer parking lot pays off when you don’t face lawsuits or have to worry about shutting down the space to manage an accident.

Does Hiring Professional Lot Striping Contractors Take Longer Than DIY Work?

You’ll occasionally encounter fly-by-night companies that offer to do striping right then and there. Or, you might be tempted to grab a few cans of spray paint and re-stripe the faded spots. Unfortunately, neither of these scenarios are optimal.

A company that offers to immediately stripe your parking lot may give fast results, but they are likely using poor quality paint and lack knowledge of the proper techniques to create long-lasting stripes. The same is true about DIY work. While you might see an immediate result, you could discover issues again the following day or week. Quality asphalt parking lot striping can still be finished within a short amount of time while allowing you to enjoy years before having to redo it all.

Combine Affordability With Quality for Your Parking Lot Striping In Reno Project

Affordable Striping & Sealing offers cost-effective quotes that give you better results than using inferior striping methods to save money. We can help you plan an efficient parking lot layout before we do asphalt crack repairs, sealcoating or parking lot striping. We’ll even give you a free quote on your parking lot maintenance needs when you fill out our online form or give us a call today at 775-825-1101.