How to Avoid Reno Parking Lot Striping Liabilities

How to Avoid Reno Parking Lot Striping Liabilities

How to Avoid Reno Parking Lot Striping LiabilitiesA well-maintained and highly efficient parking lot can benefit your business in many ways. While many commercial property owners focus on the condition of their asphalt paving, your Reno parking lot striping matters, too. Parking lot stripes and signage play a big role in keeping your property safe and orderly.

But like any other painted surfaces, parking lot striping will fade over time due to exposure to the elements. In fact, your parking lot signage is more susceptible to fading and wear due to the constant traffic driving over it. Hiring parking lot striping contractors to keep lines and symbols vibrant is important. In addition to maintaining great curb appeal, fresh paint can help you avoid parking lot striping liabilities.

Am I Liable If Accidents Occur Due to Poor Parking Lot Striping?

Parking lot striping liabilities should be a major concern for any business owner in Reno. It’s not just injuries and vehicle damage caused by faulty asphalt you need to worry about. You’re also at fault if accidents occur due to a lack of visible markings!

For example, barely there stripes could make customers park their vehicles in a dangerous spot, leading to fender-benders or personal injuries. It’s your responsibility to make your parking lot safe. Failing to provide clear striping and signage puts your business in the crosshairs of a potential lawsuit.

It’s about more than visibility, too. Low-quality paint can become slippery in inclement weather, creating a serious tripping hazard. There are many ways poor parking lot striping and markings could go wrong. Do yourself a favor and work with an experienced parking lot striping company. Their expertise can help you steer clear of any parking lot striping liabilities.

Why is High-Quality Reno Parking Lot Striping Necessary?

Reno parking lot striping ensures your property is easy and safe to navigate. Imagine if your lot had no lines or markings. It would become a chaotic free-for-all!

Stripes ensure patrons can park in an orderly manner. Clear striping makes it far easier to find open spots, position vehicles safely and maneuver within a predictable slow-moving traffic flow.

Parking lot striping companies can also create dedicated signage to direct traffic and notify drivers of no-parking zones. For example, stripes can clarify the location of emergency fire lanes or pedestrian walkways.

Striping isn’t optional. There are many code requirements for parking lots in Washoe County and beyond. Failing to have clear striping could lead to code violations and penalties!

How Can Parking Lot Striping Companies Help My Business Stay ADA-Compliant?

Another way to avoid possible parking lot striping liabilities is to ensure your property is ADA-compliant. ADA rules require businesses to have a certain number of accessible parking spaces. Those spots must be bigger and contain access aisles.

Furthermore, accessible spots must have proper striping and signage. The same goes for accessible ramps and pathways. A parking lot striping contractor can cover all your bases, ensuring your property complies with all accessibility requirements.

Can Reno Parking Lot Striping Make My Property Safer?

Did you know that roughly one of every five automobile accidents occurs in parking lots and garages? Most are simple fender-benders, but even light accidents can cause expensive damage and injuries. One way to decrease the odds of those accidents is to clear Reno parking lot striping.

Stripes and signage are like lane markers on a highway. They dictate where cars can go, serving as guidance to maintain order and safety. In addition to marking where drivers can park, parking lot striping companies can also paint symbols to notify drivers of pedestrian crossings, one-way lanes, required stopping points and more. All those lines and symbols keep traffic moving smoothly and efficiently, creating a safer parking lot.

What is Restriping Parking Lot Service?

Hiring a parking lot striping company to design and execute the perfect parking layout is just half the battle. You must also maintain your Reno parking lot striping as colors fade.

Restriping parking lot service is how property owners can keep their lines clear and vibrant for years. The process involves painting over existing stripes and symbols to restore their color and visibility. Depending on the rate of paint degradation, it’s best to invest in restriping parking lot services every 18 to 24 months.

At Affordable Striping & Sealing, we understand how important visible parking lot striping is to your business. We go the extra mile to ensure that all stripes and symbols are precise, vibrant and long-lasting. We’re among Reno’s most trusted parking lot striping contractors, and our team has decades of combined experience to ensure you’re getting the top-quality results your property deserves!

You can turn to Affordable Striping & Sealing for parking lot striping, restriping, layout design and maintenance. We also do asphalt sealcoating and crack repairs to keep your parking lot or residential driveway in good shape. Call us today at (775) 825-1101 to get your free quote. You can also reach us via email at or by submitting our online form if you prefer.