How to Maintain Parking Lot Striping Safety & Efficiency

How to Maintain Parking Lot Striping Safety & Efficiency

How to Maintain Parking Lot Striping Safety & EfficiencyParking lot striping safety should always be a top priority for your business. A safe and highly efficient parking lot offers full guidance for drivers and pedestrians. While lot striping is an often overlooked maintenance task, staying on top of those markings can decrease the chances of injuries and liability issues for your business.

Here’s what you need to know about parking lot striping safety in Reno.

Does the Quality of the Paint Affect Lot Striping Safety?

One of the biggest factors that affect the longevity of your Reno striping is the type of paint utilized. Costs can vary, but it’s worth investing in a higher-quality paint. Vehicles drive over these lines regularly. Pair that with constant sun and rain exposure; many things work against your lot striping.

No paint is indestructible, but your lot striping company can use a premium formula that’s more capable of withstanding wear while remaining highly visible for far longer.

When you work with a lot striping company, you’ll usually have your choice between three core formulas. The most affordable is water-based paint. While it’s effective and quick-drying, it’s the least durable. Solvent-based paint is more resilient and is less affected by the elements. But if you want the most long-lasting parking lot striping in Reno, you can use thermoplastic paint.

Thermoplastic paint for Reno parking lot striping comes at a premium, but the unique preparation and application process forms a tight bond that resists chipping, fading and other issues.

Don’t forget to consider visibility. Contractors can add reflective glass beads to improve how the pain reflects headlights, making things much easier to see once the sun sets.

How Do I Ensure My Parking Lot Striping in Reno Complies with All Laws and Regulations?

The best way to ensure you comply with all laws and local codes is to work with experienced parking lot striping companies. Contractors who work with property owners throughout Reno know the ins and outs of local code. They can help you design a layout that improves your lot’s traffic flow and efficiency while covering all your bases.

Parking lot striping requirements go beyond space sizes and visibility. You must also comply with ADA requirements, providing accessible spaces with the proper size, location and signage. There are also fire lanes and no-park zones. Requirements will vary based on the size of your lot, so you need to work with parking lot striping companies that can help you navigate requirements.

Will Accuracy Impact Lot Striping Safety and Efficiency?

Parking lot striping safety hinges on accurate spacing and proper signage placement. Imagine trying to squeeze your car into a spot that’s too smaller than it should be! Visitors expect all parking areas to be error-free, ensuring they can park their vehicles safely without worrying about potential accidents or damage.

Work with a lot striping company that goes the extra mile to design your parking lot accurately. Teams should measure spots and be strategic about all traffic markings. In addition to making your lot much safer, accurate stripes and signage will make your property look more professional.

How Often Should Work with Striping Companies?

Generally, experts recommend getting parking lot striping services every 18 to 24 months. However, that’s the baseline. How often you need fresh paint for your lot depends on many factors. You may need new parking lot striping in Reno every year!

Treat your parking lot striping as another property detail that requires regular inspection and maintenance. Perform visual inspections regularly, noting the color and visibility of the paint. When things start looking worn and difficult to see, reach out to a parking lot company for service as soon as possible.

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