Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Reno Summer!

Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Reno Summer!

Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Reno Summer!Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Reno Summer!

Whether you have a residential driveway or a huge commercial parking lot, asphalt is paramount during the summer season. Reno summers are notoriously hot, and even asphalt can feel the heat! Here are some game-changing asphalt maintenance tips to keep your pavement in great shape.

Why is Maintenance in Reno Important?

Asphalt maintenance isn’t something you should ignore, especially during the summer. Intense heat and never-ending sun exposure will take a toll on asphalt. UV rays cause components in your asphalt to oxidize, turning a once-reliable surface into a brittle mess.

Despite its strength, asphalt needs attention to stay in great condition. Prioritizing asphalt maintenance in Reno is your ticket to avoiding major repair work and premature deterioration.

How Can I Plan for Ongoing Pavement Maintenance?

Make a habit of frequent inspections. Reno asphalt maintenance requirements will vary. What your pavement needs is different from that of your neighbor’s!

Consider hiring pavement maintenance contractors at least once a year to perform a thorough inspection. A detailed assessment at the start of the summer is a great way to understand your pavement’s condition. That information can help you develop an appropriate asphalt maintenance budget and schedule.

Throughout the summer season, adopt good general maintenance practices. Sweep your asphalt regularly to remove dirt and trash. Then, clean up surrounding vegetation and consider power-washing the surface periodically. Those simple tasks go a long way.

What Maintenance Tips Can Protect My Pavement from the Sun?

The sun’s harsh rays are one of the biggest challenges of Reno asphalt maintenance. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Asphalt sealcoating is a preventative service that forms a protective barrier over your pavement.

When done correctly, sealcoating protects against UV rays, prevents water penetration and nourishes the asphalt. It even restores the material’s color to give your pavement a fresh look!

Pavement contractors recommend asphalt sealcoating every three to five years. When you bring an expert in for your pre-summer inspection, they’ll let you know if it’s time for another asphalt sealcoating appointment.

How Often Should I Perform Repairs?

Even with great asphalt maintenance in Reno, damage can occur. Asphalt can experience cracks, potholes, alligator cracking and other common issues. Handle those headaches ASAP!

Neglecting repairs will only make things worse. Potholes are major safety risks. Meanwhile, large voids become entry points for water, resulting in serious foundation problems. Hire a pavement maintenance contractor to address those issues immediately. Otherwise, your asphalt will deteriorate much quicker.

What Asphalt Maintenance Tips are the Most Valuable?

Working with a contractor is the most valuable of all the great pavement maintenance tips available!

Taking care of asphalt maintenance alone isn’t easy. While there are smaller tasks you can DIY, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Asphalt maintenance contractors have the tools, know-how and expertise to give your pavement the attention it deserves, and their service can significantly prolong the life of your asphalt.

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