Asphalt Maintenance Budgeting Ideas For Reno Property Managers

What Asphalt Maintenance Services Are Available in Reno During the Winter?

Asphalt Maintenance Budgeting Ideas For Reno Property ManagersProperty managers often work with limited maintenance budgets, making it harder to keep pavement in top condition. While being frugal with your company’s funds is essential, skimping on critical asphalt maintenance can lead to increased costs for unexpected repair needs. A few simple strategies can help you ensure the pavement stays in good condition, even when you must stay within a tight budget.

Will Regular Asphalt Maintenance Help Reduce Repair Costs?

Sealcoating is one of the most critical types of asphalt maintenance in Reno that you can plan for to help prevent higher repair costs in the future. Sealcoating is a protective layer that goes on the pavement’s surface and prevents oxidation from exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Sealcoating and minor crack repairs also stop water from seeping into the deeper pavement layers, where it can cause more damage. Arranging for routine maintenance services can identify and potentially halt minor damage before it becomes more expensive.

Can You Spread the Cost of Asphalt Maintenance Services Out Over Time?

If you’re concerned about an extremely tight budget, you can work with a paving maintenance company to ensure you use the proper schedule for routine services. While some properties must arrange sealcoating every year, others might need the service less often.

The same is true regarding parking lot striping and other forms of maintenance. While you don’t want to wait too long between services, reputable maintenance companies can give you a recommended care schedule based on your property’s needs. Exposure to sunlight, automotive fluids, and heavyweight vehicles all factor into how often you’ll need maintenance services.

How Do You Compare Asphalt Maintenance Quotes?

Gathering estimates is a big part of budget planning, but you might also discover that quotes among asphalt maintenance companies can vary dramatically. Make sure to speak with the contractors preparing your quote to understand how they fully come up with the figures. Ideally, you should be able to tell if the companies are basing the quotes on the following factors:

  • Actual square footage of the property
  • Current conditions, such as the need for crack sealing
  • Types and amounts of materials they’ll use
  • Anticipated exposure to contaminants

How Can You Stretch Your Reno Asphalt Maintenance Budget?

While you should never try to do critical asphalt maintenance services alone, you have ways to prolong their benefits. Between routine services, ensure someone is appointed to keep the asphalt pavement free of debris and corrosive fluids. Holding the edges clear of vegetation can keep the pavement from cracking sooner in these areas, and remember to avoid allowing vehicles to scratch the pavement by dragging large or heavy objects.

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