What Cost Factors Should Be Considered for Asphalt Sealcoating in Reno?

What Cost Factors Should Be Considered for Asphalt Sealcoating in Reno?

What Cost Factors Should Be Considered for Asphalt Sealcoating in Reno? The best way to protect any type of asphalt pavement in Reno from severe damage is to apply sealcoating on a regular schedule. Sealcoating is a highly effective way to block ultraviolet radiation, enhance the pavement’s ability to resist water penetration, and slow the speed at which chemicals can interact with the asphalt binder. Asphalt sealcoating in Reno is also extremely cost-effective. However, you may be wondering about the various factors that sealcoating contractors must consider when preparing a quote. The primary factors are the location of the job, the amount and type of sealant, the condition of the pavement, and the complexities of the job.

Why Does the Job Location Matter When Determining the Cost of Asphalt Sealcoating in Reno?

An asphalt sealcoating company must transport its equipment, personnel, and supplies to the customer’s site. A Reno asphalt sealcoating company refers to the costs associated with the move as mobilization expenses. Typically, mobilization expenses include fuel for the contractor’s vehicles, wages for the drivers and most crew members while they are in transit, and an allocation for the repair and maintenance costs for the vehicles. Thus, mobilization expenses are more if the job is 40 miles away than if it is 10 miles away. The number of mobilizations is also a factor. For example, if the contractor must complete the work over the course of three days, the project will likely require three separate mobilizations.

What Determines the Amount and Type of Sealant Needed for Asphalt Sealcoating in Reno?

The amount of sealant is based on the pavement’s square footage, the number of coats needed, and the thickness specified by the sealcoating manufacturer for each coat. Pavements that receive a high volume of traffic typically require a minimum of two coats, and the thickness of each coat may need to be increased if the traffic is primarily heavyweight vehicles. Thus, residential asphalt sealcoating is usually applied in thinner layers than most commercial sealcoating. As for the sealant type, Reno asphalt sealcoating contractors have access to products from several manufacturers, and most manufacturers offer a variety of sealants. Although they do basically the same thing, some sealants offer enhanced attributes, including a darker color, faster curing, or greater durability. A Reno asphalt sealcoating company will recommend the most appropriate sealant for the project, but the decision is ultimately up to the client.

Why Is the Condition of the Pavement a Factor for Asphalt Sealcoating in Reno?

A pavement must be clean, dry, and in good repair prior to the start of a project for asphalt sealcoating Reno parking lots, streets, or driveways. Most local asphalt sealcoating contractors prefer to perform a rudimentary cleaning, repair any cracks, and then perform a thorough cleaning. Dirt embedded in the asphalt’s pores, tree sap, and caked-on mud may require more time to remove. If the contractor must power wash the pavement to clean it, additional time may be needed to ensure that all moisture has evaporated. When it comes to repairs, the contractor must consider the cost of the necessary materials as well as the wages to crew members.

What Are Some of the Complications That Could Be a Factor in the Cost of Asphalt Sealcoating in Reno?

When asphalt sealcoating Reno pavements, it is not uncommon for contractors to encounter situations where the project is not all that straightforward. Here are a few complexities that a Reno asphalt sealcoating company can encounter.

1. The client requires that part of their parking lot remain open at all times. This is a common request for companies or retailers that operate seven days a week. Local asphalt sealcoating contractors typically handle these requests by dividing the work area into sections that can be closed off, sealed, and reopened before they close the next section. Working piecemeal can require more time, and this can increase the contractor’s labor expenses.
2. The customer’s parking lot is far from an unbroken expanse of pavement. There are numerous landscaping islands, multiple fences or walls, or other aspects of the layout that will require handwork or exceptional protection methods. A flat, open pavement takes less time to sealcoat, so the contractor must consider the additional expense.
3. The client insists that the work be performed only on a specific day of the week, but the project is too large to complete in one day. For example, a client may require the contractor to work only on Sundays. If the job will take two days to complete, the contractor must mobilize twice. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the weather will be cooperative on consecutive Sundays.

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