Do You Trust Your Reno Asphalt Maintenance Company?

asphalt maintenance company

Asphalt is an excellent paving material for most pavements in Nevada. It offers an economical and rapid installation, has a pleasing appearance, and can last for many years. However, your long-term satisfaction depends primarily on the contractor you hire. Finding a trustworthy asphalt maintenance company can be easier if you know the right questions to ask as well as the red flags to watch for.

How Long Has Your Asphalt Maintenance Company Been Conducting Business Under Its Current Name?

When an asphalt company racks up too many unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau, or its word-of-mouth and online reputations are driving away prospective customers, a common tactic is to simply change the company name. However, there are many legitimate reasons for a name change, so you will need to ask more questions.

How Much Experience Do You Have on Reno Asphalt Maintenance Projects Similar to Mine?

Asphalt maintenance projects can vary a great deal in terms of scope and complexity. You want a contractor with experience in successfully completing projects similar to what you need. For example, a contractor whose only experience is installing suburban driveways may not be an ideal choice if you need to construct a massive parking lot.

Can You Provide Proof That You Are Appropriately Insured?

Technically, all asphalt companies should have valid commercial vehicle liability, workers’ compensation, and general liability insurance policies. Unfortunately, there are some contractors who choose to skip these policies to reduce their overhead. This shifts the liability to you if one of their workers suffers an injury or inflicts damage on your property.

Do You Have References From Customers That I Can Contact?

Trustworthy contractors will be happy to provide you with references. Look for asphalt paving projects similar to your own, then call each reference to ask about their experience with the contractor you are considering. If you can, drive by a few of their sites to see how well their work has lasted.

What Are Some Red Flags That the Reno Asphalt Maintenance Contractor Could Be Untrustworthy?

The answers to the above questions will give you an insight into the company’s trustworthiness, but you should still continue with your assessment. It is important to remember that a single red flag may not mean that a contractor is untrustworthy, especially if there is a logical explanation. However, you might want to reconsider if you spot several of the following red flags.

  1. The company’s representative treats you with disrespect. If the contractor speaks in a condescending manner, fails to keep an appointment without contacting you, or cannot or will not answer your questions, be wary.
  2. If the company does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, this could indicate that it relies on day laborers or subcontractors. You have the right to know who will be on your property and performing the actual work.
  3. Reputable paving contractors will provide you with a written, detailed quote. A total price scrawled on the back of a business card does not qualify. The quote should separate material costs, incidental expenses, and labor costs. It should also indicate the products and quantities as well as the exact services the contractor will provide. This lets you compare quotes more easily, but it also protects you if the contractor claims that your quote did not include a particular service or a specific asphalt depth.
  4. Be wary if the company avoids providing you with any information on the training and experience of its employees. Paving contractors with experienced, skilled employees are proud to tell you about them.
  5. Similarly, asphalt paving professionals are happy to tell you about the equipment they own and how they maintain it. On the other hand, contractors who dodge the question may not have the right equipment to handle your project. If they need to borrow or rent equipment, your project could suffer from delays.
  6. From business cards to quotes, every piece of the company’s documentation should show a physical address, phone number, and name. A secondary contact person or phone number, a website address, and an email address are highly desirable. Missing information could indicate that the company is not a legitimate local business. If the contractor is a nomad or from another state, you may not be able to find the company if the work proves to be defective.

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