The Total Guide To Sealcoating In Reno Nevada

The Total Guide To Sealcoating In Reno Nevada

The Total Guide To Sealcoating In Reno NevadaAre you investing in regular sealcoating for your asphalt surfaces? If not, it’s time to do so! Sealcoating in Reno Nevada is an important part of asphalt maintenance. Asphalt is tough, but it’s not as indestructible as it seems. Working with a sealcoating contractor is your ticket to long-lasting asphalt paving that will look great for decades. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the Point of Sealcoating in Reno Nevada?

Asphalt sealcoating is all about preventative maintenance! Over time, exposure to the elements can cause many forms of damage to your asphalt. UV rays will break down binders through oxidation, resulting in a brittle, discolored mess. Once that happens, cracks will form, allowing water to penetrate the surface and cause damage to underlying layers.

That’s when potholes, alligator cracking, buckling and raveling occur. Sealcoating protects your pavement over the long haul, serving as a barrier against the elements. It can safeguard your asphalt from UV damage, water, leaking vehicle fluids and regular wear while restoring the pavement’s good looks for better curb appeal.

How Often Do You Need Reno Nevada Sealcoating?

The good news is that asphalt sealcoating isn’t a service you need every year. Generally, properties need Reno Nevada sealcoating every three to five years. The exact timeline will vary, so it’s wise to regularly work with a sealcoating company for inspections.

A sealcoating company can visit your property seasonally or annually to determine when it’s time for service. They’ll pay attention to issues like discoloration, crack formation and repair issues, developing a plan of attack to protect your pavement from costly damage.

What are the Benefits of Sealcoating in Reno Nevada?

Regular Reno Nevada sealcoating makes a big difference in longevity. Without sealcoating, asphalt paving is more prone to damage. That means more frequent repair work and quicker overall degradation. Failing to work with asphalt sealcoating contractors may shorten the lifespan of your pavement, forcing you to foot the bill for reclamation or reconstruction projects.

Ultimately, asphalt sealcoating saves you money over the long haul. But that’s not all. The service also improves curb appeal, giving your property a professional look that can lead to better business. Asphalt parking lots are often the first thing potential customers see and interact with on commercial properties. Regular sealcoating ensures you put your best foot forward while keeping customers safe and comfortable.

How Do Sealcoating Contractors Protect Your Asphalt Pavement?

When you hire a sealcoating company, expect a multi-day process. Teams will begin by blocking off the area that needs sealing. Then, workers will prepare the surface. The preparation process often involves power washing, crack cleaning, weed pulling, etc. If necessary, teams will also pre-treat oil stains.

The preparation work is crucial for achieving a strong, lasting bond. Once the surface is clean and dry, your sealcoating contractor will apply at least two thin coats of sealer. Each coat needs time to cure, and there may be up to 48 hours of curing after the final coat.

Afterward, your contractor will inspect the area before removing blockades and opening up your surface to traffic.

It’s important to note that asphalt sealcoating won’t address major repair issues. If wide cracks or potholes need attention, your sealcoating company will need time to fix them first, which could extend the timeline.

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