What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Reno Sealcoating Contractor?

What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Reno Sealcoating Contractor?

What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Reno Sealcoating Contractor?Sealcoating is the most cost-effective way to protect asphalt pavements from a variety of formidable enemies, including UV rays and automotive fluids. It can also make your pavement more attractive and safer. Before you hire a Reno sealcoating company, however, you should obtain satisfactory answers to the following questions.

How Long Have You Been a Reno Sealcoating Contractor?

While total experience as a sealcoating contractor matters, it is also important to know how much of that experience was obtained in the Reno area. Although the basics of sealcoating are rather standardized, the weather can have a significant impact on some of the nuances. Sealcoating is highly sensitive to humidity levels and temperature, for example, so a sealcoating contractor who has only worked along the Florida coast might not comprehend the challenges of working in dry heat.

Do You Have References for Jobs You Have Performed as a Reno Sealcoating Contractor?

Ask potential Reno sealcoating companies to provide you with a list of former clients you can contact. Specify that you would prefer jobs of a similar scope to your own. Call the references, and drive by their sites if you can.

How Does Your Reno Sealcoating Company Prepare Its Mix?

The first thing you should know is that the companies that manufacture asphalt sealcoating provide specific recipes for preparing their mixes. A proper mix requires the inclusion of the dry sealcoating, sand, and water in precise proportions. If an additive is needed, the manufacturer provides instructions for that as well. Therefore, be extremely leery of any sealcoating company in Reno that insists it is proprietary information or a trade secret. The contractor could be trying to increase profits by reducing or eliminating the sand, for example, to allow the inclusion of more water. This will result in a product that delivers inferior protection and a shorter life.

How Does Your Reno Sealcoating Company Prepare a Pavement for an Application?

Reno sealcoating contractors must prepare a pavement prior to sealcoating. Sealcoating will not adhere properly to a damp or dirty pavement, so contractors must clean it thoroughly. If water was used in the cleaning, contractors must wait for it to evaporate. Furthermore, significant cracks will need to be repaired before applying the sealcoating.

What Credentials Can You Provide as Proof That You Are a Legitimate Reno Sealcoating Company?

Like many other contractors, Reno sealcoating companies must have a license to operate in Nevada. Furthermore, Reno sealcoating contractors should be adequately insured. At the very least, a sealcoating company in Reno should carry general liability insurance with a minimum policy limit of $500,000. Reno sealcoating companies should also carry workers’ comp insurance that covers every employee who will set foot on your property.

What Can Your Reno Sealcoating Company Tell You About the Actual Application?

There are two basic methods for applying sealcoating, which are the sprayer and squeegee methods. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and sealcoating companies in Reno often use both methods on the same job. You also want to know how many coats your Reno sealcoating contractor plans to apply. Sealcoating should also be applied in two thin coats rather than one thick one.

Where Can I Find a Trustworthy Reno Sealcoating Company?

If you need a trustworthy asphalt maintenance and sealcoating contractor in Reno, reach out to Affordable Striping & Sealing. We have decades of experience in the Reno area, and we are widely known for our commitment to exceptional quality and outstanding customer service. In addition to commercial asphalt sealcoating, we also offer residential sealcoating, parking lot striping, comprehensive parking lot maintenance programs, parking lot layout, and asphalt crack repairs. To request a free quote, call 725-825-1101, email RenoOffice@AffordableStriping.com, or fill out our online form.