Common Mistakes You May See From A Reno Sealcoating Company

Common Mistakes You May See From A Reno Sealcoating Company

Everyone makes mistakes, but you should be able to trust that the Reno sealcoating company you choose will take every precaution to avoid leaving a critical step out or damaging your pavement. The procedure for applying sealcoating can vary somewhat from one property to another. Still, an experienced sealcoating contractor won’t have trouble knowing how many of additives to include in the mix. Noticing these common mistakes is a strong indicator that it’s time to find an asphalt sealcoating contractor you can trust.

Is It Okay for a Reno Sealcoating Company to Skip Prepping the Pavement?

Sure, you want to see this job done as soon as possible so your company can return to its normal business operations. But sealcoating needs to have a clean, dry surface to adhere to for it to last.

Most pavement has oily residue from vehicle fluids and other debris that can all stand in the way of the sealcoat touching the existing asphalt surface. You’ll want to be wary of any sealcoating contractor that claims the pavement doesn’t need cleaning first. Sweeping up surface debris, power washing, and priming the surface prevent the coating from peeling and flaking.

Would a Reno Sealcoating Company Skimp On the Seal Coat Mix?

A reputable asphalt sealcoating company in Reno will use a manufacturer’s sealant-backed by years of successful projects and satisfied customers. They’ll also know how to follow the manufacturer’s directions for mixing the sealcoat, which includes using the appropriate amount of additives. A company that claims you don’t need additives in the mix might be trying to stretch the product, which could lead to premature failure.

Is There an Ideal Time to Do Reno Asphalt Sealcoating?

When it comes to asphalt sealcoating, Reno residents can request this service throughout the year. However, a sealcoating company might recommend applying the sealant earlier in the morning before the temperatures hit their high. Your sealcoating contractor should also do the service when the pavement is dry, and rain isn’t in the forecast.

Work With a Sealcoating Company In Reno That Gets It Right

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