Sealcoating Myths Debunked!

Sealcoating Myths Debunked!

Sealcoating Myths Debunked!Encountering a few bumps in your pavement maintenance plans is common, especially when you hear misinformation about the industry. While you might not ever consider completely ignoring your parking lot, it’s possible that you might be missing out on one of the most effective ways to keep it in good condition. As an experienced Reno sealcoating company, we believe it is important to debunk these myths that seem to circulate in our community.

Is Sealcoating Mostly Just Done for Aesthetics?

Sealcoating does result in a better looking surface, and the best sealcoating contractors in Reno take pride in creating the most beautiful pavement around. But, a sealcoat also acts like a clear coat does on a car by protecting against oxidative damage that could break down the materials below the surface.

Do You Really Need an Experienced Asphalt Sealcoating Company to Do the Service?

Finding an experienced Reno sealcoating company is critical for the project’s success. While you may encounter unscrupulous companies that offer steeply discounted rates, they are likely to be using inferior products.

As with any product, the manufacturing process is important for getting the results you want. The sealcoating company you choose should be able to tell you about the products they use and why they chose to get them from a specific company.

Choosing a Reno sealcoating team that can back up the reasons for selecting a specific product gives you confidence that they’ll follow the industry regulations and application recommendations for this service.

Isn’t It Cheaper to Just Plan for Occasional Repairs Versus Sealcoating Every Couple of Years?

Without proper sealcoating, you could face having to do repairs within the same time frame as you would need to plan for this simpler form of maintenance. A quality sealcoat stops cracks from developing, which tend to cost more to repair.

When you factor in the time involved with shutting down the lot for extensive repair work along with the price of labor and materials, you’ll come out better financially in the long run when you arrange for regular local sealcoating services.

Won’t Sealcoating Slow Down My Business?

Sealcoating in Reno NV shouldn’t disrupt your business much more than any other type of property maintenance service. In fact, sealcoating crews understand the importance of providing timely services, and they’ll present you with an organized plan that includes making arrangements for redirecting traffic to safe parking areas or completing the job during your company’s downtime.

Don’t Let Myths Get In the Way of Your Asphalt Maintenance Plans

Every member of our team at Affordable Striping & Sealing prioritizes customer education. We understand that the commercial and residential sealcoating industry can be filled with myths, and it is our goal to dispel each one. Whether you have questions about our services or would like to learn more about additional asphalt maintenance care, such as parking lot striping, designing a parking lot layout or asphalt crack repair, then give us a call today at 775-825-1101 to talk to a professional and get a free quote. We’ve also made our online form available for you to provide details about your project, or you can use our email at