What Routine Should I Follow For Reno Parking Lot Maintenance?

What Routine Should I Follow For Parking Lot Maintenance?

What Routine Should I Follow For Parking Lot Maintenance?An effective Reno parking lot maintenance plan is your ticket to maximum longevity and a high return on your investment. Your property’s parking lot is the first thing people see when visiting your business. It can make or break a first impression and ultimately affect your success.

Despite how tough asphalt looks, the material isn’t immune to damage. Parking lot maintenance in Reno ensures that your pavement is well-protected against the elements, maintains your property values, boosts curb appeal and keeps everyone safe.

What Basic Lot Maintenance Tasks Should I Do Regularly?

The best approach to maintaining your parking lot over the long term is to hire asphalt maintenance professionals. However, there are several things you or your team can do between service appointments.

One example is cleaning. Parking lots can get filthy! Dirt, trash and debris are more than unsightly. They can cause damage and staining over time, forcing you to pay for parking lot repair.

The same goes for oil spills and chemical stains. Liquids from vehicles can speed up asphalt deterioration. Your Reno parking lot maintenance routine should include frequent cleaning. Many degreasing products are also available to take care of stains, spills and whatever else gets on your pavement.

How Often Should I Hire Parking Lot Maintenance Companies for Crack Filling?

Parking lot repair companies offer crack filling and sealing services to prevent long-term damage from the elements. Cracks in asphalt are inevitable. Even the most professionally paved surfaces will encounter small cracks that can grow the longer you neglect them.

The problem with cracks is that they provide an ideal entry point for water penetration. Once water enters the lower layers of your pavement, it can cause serious structural issues that require extensive parking lot repairs.

Crack filling and sealing help prevent this. Parking lot repair companies can use special sealers and rubberized crack fillers to plug voids and create a smoother surface.

This parking lot maintenance service is something you can invest in annually. However, it all depends on how crack-prone your parking lot is.

Should Fixing Potholes and Other Major Damage Be Part of My Maintenance Routine?

Potholes can happen even if you’re on a strict asphalt maintenance plan. While there’s a lot you can do to avoid them, many property owners will have to deal with potholes, sunken spots, alligator cracking and other similar parking lot repair issues at some point.

When you notice these issues occurring, it’s important to contact contractors who specialize in Reno parking lot maintenance as soon as possible. Major repair problems will worsen the longer you neglect them. In the meantime, they pose serious safety and liability risks.

Fortunately, larger problems are easy to fix with help from seasoned parking lot repair companies. Whether you need a simple surface patch or a full-depth patch, invest in the repair work as soon as possible to mitigate long-term damage.

How Often Do I Need Sealcoating for Parking Lot Maintenance in Reno?

Parking lot sealcoating is one of the most important tasks you should include in your Reno parking lot maintenance routine. Sealcoating involves applying a layer of asphalt emulsion sealer over your pavement.

The purpose of parking lot sealcoating is protection. The sealer safeguards your asphalt from sun, rain and wear, preventing premature oxidation and deterioration.

It’s important to get parking lot sealcoating every three to five years, depending on the age and condition of your asphalt.

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