What Asphalt Maintenance Services Are Available in Reno During the Winter?

What Asphalt Maintenance Services Are Available in Reno During the Winter?

What Asphalt Maintenance Services Are Available in Reno During the Winter? Routine asphalt maintenance is crucial to preventing damage to asphalt pavements. Most people know that winter can be an especially difficult season for asphalt parking lots, driveways, and streets. The first frost can leave many property owners and managers scrambling to find a sealcoating contractor to seal their pavements before the weather becomes more severe. Although most contractors in Reno offer certain asphalt maintenance services in the winter, sealcoating is often not one of them.

Why Would a Sealcoating Contractor Avoid Wintertime Applications in Reno?

Sealcoating is highly sensitive to the temperature of the air and the pavement. Manufacturers will almost never guarantee their sealcoating products if they are applied if either of the two is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, if the temperature falls below freezing within 24 hours of the application, the entire job can be ruined. Statistically, the average high in Reno is 46.7 degrees in December, 47.7 degrees in January, and around 52 degrees in February. However, the average low is 25.7 degrees in December, 26.1 degrees in January, and 29 degrees in February. Even if an asphalt maintenance company might find a day on which the temperature exceeds 50 degrees, the chances of the sealcoating freezing overnight will usually cause a contractor to decline an application.

What Other Asphalt Maintenance Procedures Might a Reno Sealcoating Contractor Offer During the Winter?

Not all asphalt maintenance companies in Reno offer identical services. Even in the summer, one Reno asphalt maintenance contractor might not offer as many services as a different asphalt maintenance company. However, the following list details the most common wintertime procedures for asphalt maintenance in Reno.

1. Parking Lot Layout: Revising your parking lot layout as needed can be one of the most valuable asphalt maintenance services you can request. The right layout helps you park more vehicles in your lot, achieve or maintain your ADA compliance, and boost the safety of your parking lot.
2. Parking Lot Striping: Reno asphalt maintenance contractors must consider a variety of factors before striping and marking a parking lot in the winter. The type of paint is critical; some pavement paints can be successfully applied at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the temperature, the relative humidity, hours of sunlight, and wind speed must be considered.
3. Warehouse Striping: Some contractors include warehouse striping as part of their asphalt maintenance menu. Because warehouses are usually climate-controlled environments, asphalt maintenance companies can stripe and mark warehouses on virtually any day during the winter.
4. Crack Repairs: Preventing rain and meltwater from entering open cracks is vital to protect asphalt pavements from worse damage. Thus, crack repairs are an important part of asphalt maintenance in Reno. Even if your asphalt maintenance contractor must use an alternative method in cold weather that may not be permanent, your future savings could be substantial.
5. Parking Lot Maintenance Programs: Winter can be an ideal time to ask a reputable asphalt maintenance company to design a complete parking lot maintenance program for you. Comprehensive asphalt maintenance programs include all the services you need on a predetermined schedule. You can enjoy the winter months with the knowledge that your Reno asphalt maintenance contractor will see that your parking lot receives the care it needs.

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