What Are the ADA Accessible Parking Lot Space Requirements?

What Are the ADA Accessible Parking Lot Space Requirements?

What Are the ADA Accessible Parking Lot Space Requirements?Hotels, retailers, apartment complexes, restaurants, medical facilities, government agencies, office parks, educational facilities, and almost every other type of enterprise needs to provide a parking lot for their visitors. However, modern parking lots are a far cry from the grass or gravel spaces that offered early motorists someplace to leave their Model A or Model T. One critical aspect of modern parking lots is that they must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Therefore, it is essential to understand the requirements for an ADA accessible parking lot space.

Why Is ADA Compliance Important?

The ADA is a collection of laws that apply to virtually every agency, business, and organization in America. Because the ADA places legal obligations on property owners, failure to comply can result in fines, and it can also strengthen a plaintiff’s case in the event of a lawsuit. Although local governments can mandate tougher requirements than the ADA, they cannot enact less stringent laws. Thus, the laws pertaining to ADA compliance in Reno do not differ significantly from the laws in other jurisdictions.

What Is Required for a Parking Lot to Achieve ADA Compliance?

First of all, you must have the minimum number of ADA parking lot spaces. This number is based on the total number of parking spaces you offer, but the type of business you operate can also play a role. For example, if you are a retailer with a parking lot for 500 cars, you will need nine ADA-compliant spaces. However, if you are in the healthcare industry, a parking lot of the same size will need 50 to 100 accessible spaces to achieve full ADA compliance. Furthermore, accessible parking spaces must be located so that they provide the most-direct path of travel to an accessible entrance. Curb ramps may be needed at the end of each accessible parking space as well as any point where there is a change in elevation. In addition, the ADA has specific rules about the size and identification of the individual ADA parking lot space and its surroundings.

What Are the Size Requirements for an ADA Accessible Parking Lot Space?

In most cases, you will need to provide both car-accessible and van-accessible spaces, and these spaces have different size requirements. The adjacent access aisles must also be considered.

1. Car-accessible spaces must be no less than 96 inches in width.
2. Van-accessible spaces must be no less than 132 inches in width.
3. Access aisles must run the full length of the spaces and be marked to identify them as no-parking areas.
4. Access aisles must be a minimum of 60 inches in width.
5. Accessible spaces must be identified by a sign bearing the international symbol of accessibility that is mounted so that there is at least 60 inches between the bottom of the sign and the ground. For van-accessible spaces, your ADA asphalt maintenance company must mount a second sign identifying the space as van-accessible.

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