How Often Is Sealcoating In Reno, NV Needed?

How Often Is Sealcoating In Reno, NV Needed?

How Often Is Sealcoating In Reno, NV Needed? Asphalt is a tough material that can enhance your commercial or industrial property for many decades. But despite what some think, asphalt paving is not indestructible! Years of wear and regular exposure to harsh elements take their toll. Over time, oxidation and water penetration will create a mountain of issues. Fortunately, you can hire a sealcoating contractor to refresh your pavement and give it the protection needed to maximize its longevity.  Sealcoating in Reno, NV should be part of your larger property maintenance plan. But how often should you get asphalt sealcoating? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Does My Pavement Need Attention from a Sealcoating Contractor?

Asphalt is undeniably tough, but sealcoating in Reno NV ensures that paved surfaces have all the protection they need to hold up against a barrage of damaging elements. In addition to experiencing thousands of pounds of weight driving over it daily, your pavement is at the whims of Mother Nature! The heat of the hot Reno sun can deteriorate the binders within your asphalt, causing it to oxidize and weather.

Before you know it, your once-black pavement will look brittle and discolored. Then, cracks can form, allowing water to penetrate the surface and degrade the material even more!

Sealcoating in Reno prevents those issues from happening. Sealers contain ingredients that keep your asphalt together while creating a protective barrier. Once cured, the sealer offers superior protection against water, UV damage, vehicle chemical spills and more! Asphalt sealcoating is a necessary service that you should pay to get periodically. Otherwise, your pavement will degrade faster, forcing you to foot the bill for major repair work, reclamation or brand-new paving.

What Does a Sealcoating Contractor Do In Reno, NV?

When your pavement needs some attention, you can trust a sealcoating company in Reno to handle every step of the process. Sealcoating involves applying prepared sealer to every inch of your asphalt pavement. But before that can occur, Reno sealcoating companies must also perform some prep work.

That includes asphalt repairs. Asphalt sealcoating can significantly improve the look and quality of your pavement. But, it’s not a fix-all solution to all cosmetic and structural integrity issues. Before you get sealcoating in Reno, work with contractors to make necessary repairs. Fix potholes, fill cracks and more to ensure the finished product looks great.

What’s the Typical Timeline for Sealcoating in Reno?

Generally, it’s best to work with a sealcoating company in Reno every two to three years. That’s the average timeline for most properties. However, that’s just a baseline. What’s right for your property depends on many factors.

Paving that gets non-stop exposure to the hot Nevada sun may experience more UV damage than surfaces with ample shade. Furthermore, some properties get more rain or accommodate heavy-duty vehicles. In those cases, hiring a sealcoating contractor every one to two years is often beneficial.

It all depends on the condition of your property. Inspect your pavement regularly and look for telltale signs of trouble, such as color fading and crack development. If you’re unsure if your asphalt needs sealcoating in Reno NV, contact a sealcoating contractor. It doesn’t hurt to get some professional insight, and it’s always better to apply sealer earlier than later.

How Do I Prepare for Asphalt Sealcoating?

Reno sealcoating companies will do most of the heavy lifting, but there are a few things you can do before your appointment to make the process as smooth as possible. The first is to rid your pavement of debris. You can also clean up the edges of your pavement where the asphalt meets grass. Doing so can save time and achieve a more finished look.

One of the most important things you do before sealcoating in Reno NV is develop a plan to reroute traffic. Your pavement will be unusable as your sealcoating company in Reno works its magic. Furthermore, sealers may need up to 48 hours to cure, depending on the formula.

Having a plan will minimize disruption to your business. Alert employees and set up signs to inform visitors what sections of your property will be out of limits. On the day of your service, you can also work with your asphalt sealcoating contractor to set up signs to direct traffic accordingly.

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